The present terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are applicable to all agreements formed with «Groggery Enterprises Ltd.», a company duly incorporated and validly existing under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, pertaining to reservations, bookings and arrangements for the provision of accommodation and related services (collectively, “Services”) at the estate property of GROGGERY ENTERPRISES LTD in the area of Ayia Thekla in Cyprus (“Estate”).
The Estate consists a luxury see front villa in Ayia Thekla. All details with regard to the Estate, suites, facilities, etc. appear in EROS CYPRUS website www.eroscyprus.com
The Services provided by EROS CYPRUS at the Estate comprise the accommodation up to twelve (12) adults and four (4) children up to 2 years old, as well as ten (10) adults, plus up to four (4) children up to 16 years old and four (4) children up to 2 years old the exclusive use of the luxury villa, its suites and all other areas of the Estate, the supply of food & beverages and the provision of other on-site services as such are described in writing by representatives of EROCYPRUS and agreed upon reservation.
The Terms and Conditions apply to all clients for whom EROS CYPRUS has agreed to provide the Services and who, in return, have agreed to pay the rental cost quoted by EROS CYPRUS and related charges (“Resident”) as well as to any and all of the Resident’s guests who shall also reside in the Estate and receive all of the Services (“Guest(s)”).
The Resident is invited to read the present Terms and Conditions and address his queries, if any, to the attention of Sales Department (e-mail: [email protected]) before payment of the Reservation Deposit, as set out in Section II below. Payment of the Reservation Deposit shall constitute proof that the Resident has read and understood the present Terms and Conditions and that he unreservedly accepts and agrees to such Terms and Conditions. The Resident may be asked to sign a copy of the present Terms and Conditions upon arrival at the Estate.
The Terms and Conditions shall apply to each and every agreement formed with EROS CYPRUS for the provision of the Services, insofar as the parties have not explicitly deviated from the Terms and Conditions in writing.

Total Rental Cost. The cost for the Services at the Estate is quoted in Euros and is equal to the applicable rate per night (“Daily Rate”) for the period starting from the date on which the Resident shall arrive at the Estate (“Date of Arrival” or “Arrival”) to the date on which the Resident shall leave the Estate (“Date of Departure” or “Departure”), as such Daily Rate is provided in writing to the Resident by the representatives of EROS CYPRUS times the nights of stay at the Estate (“Rental Cost”), plus the applicable taxes such as Value Added Tax (“Total Rental Cost”). Our Daily Rates are made available ON REQUEST or on our official website and apply for the exclusive use of the Estate as stated on the website. The breakdown and method of calculation of the Total Rental Cost is set out on the Official Rates Template made available to the Resident by the representatives of EROS offline or directly online via the wesbite.

Reservation details, Payment of Total Rental Cost and cancellation fees for reservations made online.
For online reservation a potential client is required to provide Eroscyprus.com with personal details as well as a valid credit card. Once order is confirmed, the option of bank transfer of the full reservation amount is possible through the reservation process. In case of reservation via a valid credit card, the balance of 100% of the Total Rental Cost must be paid by the Resident via the booking system.
In the event of cancellation or modification of the reservation received fifty – nine (59) days or less prior to the Date of Arrival or in the event of no show or early Departure of the Resident, the entirety of the Total Rental Cost (including any  Reservation Deposit or Security Deposit or Fees related to Extra Services) will be charged as cancellation fees.
In the event of cancellation of the reservation received sixty (60) days or more prior to the Date of Arrival, the 30% of the full reservation around will be kept as cancellation fees and the remaining 70% will be returned to the Resident and his Guests with the same method of payment. If a security deposit is paid in prior this amount will be returned in its entirety. In the case of any received payment in regards to extra services, any potential refunds will be subject to vendors’ terms and conditions of services.
Security Deposit. Is payable (20% of Reservation Fee) by the Resident upon Arrival (“Security Deposit”) or prior to arrival. The Security Deposit will be refunded in full within two weeks following the Resident’s Departure, except in the event of loss or damage to the Estate or its contents and/or any costs related to or arising out of late (not pre-scheduled) Departure and/or costs related to items provided to the Resident by the Estate on the condition that such items are duly returned to the Estate’s representatives upon the Resident’s Departure. EROS CYPRUS reserves the right to seek to recover any costs that exceed the amount of the Security Deposit.
Payment Policy, both online and direct bookings. The Resident is required to supply his credit card details and a written authorization (“Credit Card Authorization Form”) for the deduction of
i) the Reservation Deposit, ii) the balance of the Total Rental Cost remaining after the deduction of the Reservation Deposit, iii) any cancellation fees, iv) the Security Deposit, v) the cost of any off-site activity or luxury service requested by the Resident, further to the Services. The Resident can opt for payment via wire transfer, in which case EROS CYPRUS shall provide the details of a designated bank account. Regardless, the Resident is still required to supply his credit card details and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form for the settlement of any outstanding charges. All costs related to any method of payment shall be charged to the Resident or his credit card.

The Estate is available after 2 pm on the Date of Arrival. Check-out time is determined by 12noon on the Date of Departure unless other special conditions apply upon reservation. EROS CYPRUS will not be held responsible for any personal items left behind at the Estate after check-out, although the Estate’s representatives will use all reasonable endeavors to identify and return such items to the Resident or his Guest(s) the soonest possible.

The number of people residing in the Estate should not be more than ten (12) adults, while families are very welcome and can be accommodated on request basis. At least ten (10) days prior to Arrival, the Resident is requested to submit a list with the name(s) of his Guest(s).

The Resident and his Guest(s) should behave in a responsible manner and avoid any property damage or damage to the environment. They should comply with any reasonable request of the Estate’s representatives and with any policies of the Estate as may apply to the Services provided to them.
Children should be supervised at all times by the Resident and his Guest(s) or anyone hired to take care of the children (e.g. child caretaker, nanny, etc) in the Estate, especially in the vicinity of water or while in the terraces overhanging the cliffs.
The Resident and his Guest(s) are responsible for their behavior. The Resident shall be considered as “head of the group” and shall be responsible for the behavior of all of his Guests in the Estate and for any damages caused by his Guest(s).
Residents are responsible to ”work” together with the management to organise the itinerary as well as follow the exact times of various services as well as any other operational details and property information as stated online or by the management during welcome and check in.

In the unlikely event that, for reasons attributed exclusively to EROS CYPRUS, the latter is not in position to accommodate the Resident and his Guest(s) at the Estate, EROS CYPRUS commits to arrange similar alternative accommodation at its own cost and up to the amount of the Total Rental Cost already paid by the Resident. If no such accommodation is available, the Resident shall be fully reimbursed of any rental costs or charges already paid. EROS CYPRUS shall have no further liability to the Resident and/or his Guest(s) for that matter.
EROS CYPRUS shall only be held liable for any damages resulting from willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Estate’s representatives or personnel and such liability shall not exceed the amount of fifty thousand (50.000,00) Euros in total.

Pets up to five (8) kilos are permitted in the Estate without extra charge to a maximum of two (2) pets. The pet must be supervised at all times and must be on a leash in public places. EROS CYPRUS bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the pet.

EROS CYPRUS shall have no liability to the Resident, to his Guest(s) or any third party for (a) any incident caused due to the breach of the Resident’s or his Guest(s) responsibilities and/or (b) any loss, damage, bodily injury or other claims for compensation resulting from force majeure events, including but not limited to war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, hostilities, political unrest, government action or airport regulations, industrial dispute, natural or other disaster, nuclear incident, terrorist activity, weather conditions, technical problems with transportation, closure of airports, fire, flood, draught or other events beyond EROS CYPRUS’ control.

Any agreement governed by the present Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

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