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Local and

EROS CYPRUS offers uniqueness that has never been offered before in the island by selecting the best local products, places and experiences, innovating- customizing – improving them to bring them directly to you, with meraki

Something for everyone

The best of Cypriot gastronomy, made to order and prepared with the freshest homegrown ingredients.

A wealth of activities, on property and outdoors, curated to suit your moods and interests.

A blissful immersion into the best of Mediteranean island life, at once lavishly warm and exquisitely simple.

Eros Returns Home

EROS comprehends branding as the long-term result of its reputation through its unique assets and services. The so called EROS brand is born from our established and successful experience on our first project, EROSANTORINI.

With values of its own uniqueness, while embracing values of the EROS brand , we proudly introduce our second project, EROS CYPRUS.

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Member of
Hellas Group

EROS CYPRUS is a proud member of Hellas Group – a family of remarkable companies that have succeeded in sharing the spirit and quality of Greek Hospitality and Gastronomy with the world; hence the inspiration of our group’s name initials. A group created with the aim to spread, preserve and encourage the integration of the greek culture along with all its dimensions into the global landscape.

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